Onstage Canada offers comprehensive exciting educational performance opportunities to select orchestras, choirs, concert bands, and marching bands. Canada is so close to the USA and yet provides an international experience with performance opportunities without traveling too far from home.  This country is so vast and filled with diverse landscapes, from scenic mountains to freshwater lakes to seaside destinations to nature preserve woodland areas … and more!  So much to discover and yet world-class urban cities with all the amenities are still close by to offer opportunities for exciting events and performances.

Preparation & Support

Each performance group has distinct goals, objectives, and criteria. We work closely with the directors to understand what they want and need for the festival experience. We design schedules that have the proper balance of sightseeing and performances that are tailored to the participating groups. For the support on the ground, there will always be at least one full-time event manager on hand to provide assistance and support for all Onstage Canada festivals.

Collaborative Performances

There are usually collaborative event(s) in our festivals whether that is with another complimentary group or local clinician or performance artist in workshops & concerts.  All participants benefit greatly by working together to prepare and engage the local communities with shared ideals and dedication to excellence

Musical Instruments

For instrumental musical groups, we understand how valuable musical instruments can be. We know the most effective ways of handling and transporting instruments at our events with care and attention. We also have access to suppliers that charge reasonable rates to procure the larger instruments that are not easy to travel with.

Festival Promotion

For all our festivals, we must provide advertising materials for the venues, other affiliated arts groups, and the public.  We have a dedicated team to spread the word and promote in all conceivable ways, to ensure a solid turnout at all events.  With this in mind, we will need a bio of the group and the directors, as well as current photos and performance videos of the group.  This content is utilized in social media, internet and television promotions, venue advertisements, and local print posters & news.